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Intelligent Land Use

Our integrated, strategic approach to project planning and implementation balances the concerns of the land owner, the community, and the environment with the specific characteristics of the site, enabling us to create intelligent land use solutions.

The key components of our Intelligent Land Use approach include:

  • Expertise in multiple disciplines
    Our staff members are experienced professionals certified or trained in planning, engineering and landscape architecture.  Many have developed an expertise in associated specialties, such as traffic analysis, demographics, green design, or environmental regulations.

    In addition, staff members are proficient in the use of advanced CAD, GIS, and other digital engineering and planning technologies, which enable us to produce graphics, drawings, and data calculations that can inform and expedite the design, approval, and construction of a project.

    As a result, we bring a truly interdisciplinary approach to each project by thoroughly examining each proposed action from several perspectives in order to craft the optimal land use solution.
  • Integrated land planning process
    We conduct a thorough inventory and analysis of a site’s existing conditions in relation to its physical, and regulatory contexts and the client’s desired goals. Armed with this insight, we develop responsible site solutions that are creative and achievable, integrating planning, engineering, and landscape considerations into the final design.

    Early in the planning process, we look to communicate with all stakeholders involved—the client team, the municipality, and the community —to consider the issues and proposed solutions from all vantage points
  • Comprehensive approach to the approval process
    We believe that an inclusive project approval process is most effective when the interests of the private and public sectors are combined to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion. Working closely with the client and legal counsel, we plan and administer the process so that applications can be submitted and reviewed in an efficient and timely manner.

Our ability to provide clients the strategic guidance to move the approval process forward is strengthened by our in-depth knowledge of local, state, and federal requirements; our expertise in the New York SEQR process; our leadership role in municipal and community outreach; and our reputation for maintaining high standards of professional conduct.

  • Client-oriented project management
    Our methodology for successful project management is to examine all project issues thoroughly and discriminately from a client’s point of view. Applying our structured organizational tools, developed through years of experience, we can efficiently monitor and manage submission schedules, critical activities, and time and fee budgets for the project team.

Project process flowcharts, master schedules, major milestones, activity checklists, and meeting reports are tracked and updated regularly to keep all those involved with project—the client, outside consultants, and the DTS team—informed of progress and developments. This open and frequent communication promotes close collaboration and team building, and is essential for a well-planned and efficiently-managed project.

  • Implementation-based design
    DTS works closely with the project design and construction teams to confirm that the site concept is feasible and can be executed according to plan. We examine the project from both constructability and cost control perspectives, also taking into account specific scheduling, environmental, and other considerations, such as maintaining building access and operations during construction.

Our detailed construction documentation practices support our full range of construction observation and coordination services


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